Americans for Limited Government puts tonight’s debate on a lie detector

New high tech law enforcement technology applied to Obama and Romney

Oct. 3, 2012, Fairfax, VA— A new truth detecting technology will be employed by Americans for Limited Government while watching the debate between Republican nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

Voice analysis measures the voice patterns of individuals and determines whether the speaker is telling the truth or not.  It also measures the level of stress the person is under, as well as their level of concentration.

Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government called the use of the technology “a break-through for the American people.  For the first time, within a few hours of a political debate, the American people will know if the candidates are telling the truth, and better be able to judge what promises are real, and which ones are nothing more than political pandering.”

The company behind the verbal truth teller is Voice Analysis Technology, and they have been hired in many high profile criminal cases including the search for the killer of Natalie Holloway, the teenager who was killed while on a student trip in Aruba.  Recently, the company showed that one of former Republican presidential contender Herman Cain’s primary accusers was not being truthful when making her charges.

The U.S. Department of Defense, Bureau of Prisons, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and more than sixty other law enforcement agencies across the U.S. all have contracted with Voice Analysis Technology to help them successfully interrogate suspects.

Unlike a traditional polygraph which requires a suspect’s cooperation, and places numerous probes on the person’s body, voice analysis literally takes the words right out of a person’s mouth and based upon variations in speech patterns determines if statements being made are true or not with a high degree of accuracy.  With words like inaccurate, person uncertain, false statement, highly stressed and truth, the user’s computer screen literally explodes with data related to the veracity of the subject’s assertions.

“The near real time analysis that Americans for Limited Government will be able to provide the public on the veracity of the statements made in the debate is a game changer in how people relate to politicians.  The operating assumption by the general public is that if a politician’s mouth is moving, he or she must be lying, by putting Obama and Romney to the test, we will find out if this is true,” Bill Wilson concluded.

It is anticipated that an analysis of the debate will be released within three hours of its completion, providing the overnight shifts in news rooms across the country plenty to write about.

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