ALG responds to tonight’s presidential debate

Oct. 16, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson and Communications Director Rick Manning respond to tonight’s presidential debate:

Bill Wilson:

“Governor Romney did exceedingly well considering he had to debate two people at once.  Candy Crowley is a disgrace.  But even with her doing everything in her power to help Obama, he has failed as miserably tonight as has his Administration.  He doesn’t know the facts, mouths liberal platitudes, outright refuses to address the disaster in Libya and the illegal activity surrounding the failed ‘Fast & Furious’ scheme of Eric Holder, and fails to provide an honest answer on how gas prices have more than doubled during his time in office.  This was a pathetic effort by the nation’s chief executive.  Obama, frankly, was an empty suit.”

Rick Manning:

“Mitt Romney showed himself to be the alpha male when compared to Obama.   Obama’s lead-from-behind approach is almost embarrassing when compared face to face with a strong alternative who is unafraid to challenge his rhetoric with the facts of his record.  While Romney showed himself to be a leader compared to Obama, the big loser of the debate was CNN and Candy Crowley.  Crowley’s injecting herself into the debate as Obama’s third person in the ring was embarrassing for anyone who remembers what journalism used to be.  Mitt Romney’s toughness in facing down both Obama and the campaign operative who pretended to moderate the debate showed that Romney has what it takes to lead this country.”

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