Economy continues to falter as 2nd Quarter GDP revised downward to 1.3%

Sept. 27, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson reacted to the news that the nation’s Gross Domestic Product was revised downward to 1.3 percent by the government’s Commerce Department.

“This significant, .4 percent final revision of the 2nd quarter Gross Domestic Product measurement calls into question whether we are seeing more data manipulation by this Administration.  Going into the political conventions in August, this same Commerce Department produced a picture of a slightly better economy putting growth at 1.7 percent.  Now, after the conventions are over and the media is more interested in polling than facts, it turns out that Obama’s Commerce Department was wrong and the economy actually shrunk significantly to a meager 1.3 percent growth rate and shrinking.

“There were unspoken suspicions of data manipulation last month in light of other economic reports that pointed to slower growth, and this month’s final GDP numbers confirm that at best, Obama’s Commerce Department gave a mistaken view of the state of the economy and at worse, a politically skewed one.

“In either case, today’s final 2nd Quarter GDP report shows that the Obama economy continues to weaken, which is terrible news for all those who were hoping to enter the holiday season with a new job and renewed hope.”

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