White House postpones harmful economic regulations until after the election

July 31, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson and Free Market America Executive Director Ryan Houck today issued the following joint statement on the White House postponement of various federal regulations that will be detrimental to swing states, like Florida, until after the election.

The Washington Post lists some of these idling regulations “as cracking down on junk food at school bake sales, another banning children from dangerous work on farms and one setting federal standards for disposing toxic ash from coal-fired power plants.”

Another regulation would require water in Florida’s drainage canals to match the same EPA standards as its rivers and streams.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson:

“By delaying these regulations the Obama team is pointing out how harsh their election will be.  They think they are not poking the hornet’s nest before the election but in reality they are telling all voters in the affected states ‘re-elect Obama and this is the nasty, abusive rules that will be imposed on you.’

 “At the same time we see that these regulations are nothing more than loaded guns pointed at the heart of the U.S. economy. Obama is holding off on firing now because he knows the devastating effect they will have, and he doesn’t want to bear the political fallout.”

Free Market America Executive Director Ryan Houck:

“Postponing a bad idea does not qualify as a solution. The EPA’s nutrient rules for Florida would require that the water in roadside drainage canals match the same standards as pristine rivers and streams.  These nonsensical regulations will be as scientifically baseless and as economically devastating next year as they would be this year.

“The Administration should do the right thing and scrap their proposed federal regulations before they leave Florida with fewer farming jobs and higher utility bills.”

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