House rejects Obama’s off-shore drilling ban

July 26, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson and Free Market America Executive Director Ryan Houck today issued the following joint statement praising the House of Representatives for rejecting H.R. 6168, an Obama Administration proposal to restrict off-shore oil drilling.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson:

“The Obama Administration has spent the past three and a half years attempting to choke the development of North American oil supplies, while bragging about increased supplies that were the direct result of policies implemented by the previous administration.

“The House of Representatives attempted to restore sanity to our domestic oil development by voting to roll back Obama’s attempt to destroy common sense offshore oil production.  Ironically, China is engaged in an aggressive drilling effort in conjunction with Cuba in the waters that Obama would deny U.S. access to.  Now, it is up to the Senate to get off the dime and start putting a secure American energy supply ahead of the radical environmental groups who would rather America fail than for us to create a vibrant domestic energy supply.”

Free Market America Executive Director Ryan Houck:

“For too long, energy policy in America has been heavily influenced by environmental extremism. While radical environmental interests continue to exert dangerous levels of control over the organs of environmental regulation, we nonetheless applaud the House of Representatives for taking a big step in the right direction by rejecting H.R. 6168 — which was nothing more than a thinly-veiled anti-energy plan to outsource American jobs.

“If implemented, HR 6168 — the Administration’s Offshore Plan — would have rendered 85 percent of America’s offshore energy resources inaccessible at a time of economic hardship and high gas prices.  Thanks to decisive action by the House, American consumers, taxpayers and workers all got a win today.”

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