Wisconsin Governor recall election may be swansong from Big Labor

June 5, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government president Bill Wilson today issued a statement on the impact of the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall elections on the willingness of elected officials to vote to limit government:

“Big labor has gone all-in in their attempt to defeat Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker through a recall election, and in spite of spending tens of millions of dollars over the past year and a half, the election is too close to call on election day.

“Every freedom-loving Wisconsinite needs to vote today, because the outcome of this recall will determine the willingness of politicians across the nation to take on and defeat the seemingly all-powerful public employee unions.  Public employee unions have transformed public servants to the taxpayer’s masters in local, state and federal government, and if Governor Walker wins the recall vote, it will be the first step in restoring the consent of the governed.

“The recall is so important to Big Labor that they have gone all-in and put their national credibility on the line.  Incredibly, the unions oppose Governor Walker in spite of the fact that his reforms actually saved their member’s from layoffs that were scheduled to take place if they had not passed.

“Big Labor’s support for laying off its members over reasonable reforms is just one more bit of evidence that they are more in favor of maintaining power rather than supporting their members’ true interests.

“Today, the people of Wisconsin can send a shockwave to elected officials across the nation in favor of putting the taxpayer back in charge of the government budget process and wresting control from those unions who are driving our nation’s local, state and federal governments into bankruptcy.”

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