‘If I wanted America to fail’ video tops 2 million views on YouTube.com

May 7, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson issued the following statement on the FreeMarketAmerica.org video “If I wanted America to fail” topping 2 million views on YouTube.com:

“The Obama Administration’s record of environmental radicalism slowing down the American economy exposed in our ‘If I wanted America to fail’ video continues to resonate with a broad swath of the American public. It is little wonder, as Obama’s EPA and other agencies pursue a conscious policy of making electricity and gasoline more expensive, so that solar, wind, and battery alternatives will seem cheap.

“Obama’s regulatory assault against conventional energy includes regulations against miniscule mercury emissions from coal plants, the Stream Buffer Zone Rule rewrite, the 2009 carbon endangerment finding, and rules capping carbon emissions on all new fossil-fuel burning plants, not to mention the slowdown of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. These regulators seemingly want to crucify our economy on the altar of environmental radicalism.

“All of this is based on the fairy tale that mankind is destroying the planet, and causing global warming through carbon dioxide emissions. It won’t be long before regulators next construct some myth of how oil shale fracking is causing earthquakes or some other calamity. When politically tainted science becomes a means of restricting American economic output at any cost including at the expense of individual prosperity, it is time to question the politics that are driving that movement.

“Do these regulators and Obama want America to fail? It is hard to say, but they do want to make it even more expensive to do business here in America — a problem that is already driving capital and jobs overseas. Even leaving the science aside, our standing of the world’s economic superpower is endangered by these regulations. For that reason alone, these policies must be defeated — before we really do fail as a nation.”


“If I wanted America to fail,” Video, FreeMarketAmerica.org, Americans for Limited Government, April 22, 2012 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ-4gnNz0vc.

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