HHS requests $7.25 bil. for Obamacare co-ops, ALG to Congress: ‘Zero them out’

May 4, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson issued the following statement urging congressional appropriators to reject the Department of Health and Human Services $7.25 billion budget request for Obamacare co-ops, and to eliminate all existing funding for the program:

“By the Obama Administration’s own numbers, $3.1 billion would likely be lost from a $7.25 billion loan program for health care co-ops under the Obamacare law if fully funded. Not only should this budget request be rejected, but the existing $3.4 billion already in the program should be zeroed out by appropriators.

“An expected default rate of 43 percent is far too high for any loan program, let alone one that will be funding the Saul Alinsky-affiliated, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative with $56.4 million. Another $341 million in loans will fund the radical Freelancers Union in three states, a group headed by Sara Horowitz, whom Obama served with as an adviser to the leftist group, Demos, along with former green czar Van Jones. These are just handouts to favored political constituencies.

“With a $15.6 trillion debt that is larger than the entire economy, we don’t have another $3.1 billion to pour down the drain to pad the pockets of Obama’s cronies. It is therefore incumbent on Congress to rescind all funding for the Obamacare co-ops, post haste — before we lose any more money.”


“Obamacare program asks for billions more while expecting to lose $3.1 billion; Congress investigates,” By John Vinci, ALG staff attorney, May 3, 2012 at http://obamacarewatcher.org/articles/389

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