A Walker win in Wisconsin would deal a big blow to Big Labor

May 29, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government Bill Wilson today issued the following statement on the implications if Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker should prevail in a June 5 recall election:

“If the latest polls are any indication, Governor Walker is well-positioned to prevail in the June 5 recall. This will deal a big blow to big labor, which has spent millions attempting to oust Walker, as a voter verdict against ever-expanding big government. Asking public employees to pay their fair share of their own retirement and health benefits is a common sense policy, and has strong support among taxpayers.

“The people of Wisconsin, and of every other state, have a reasonable expectation that politicians, and government employees, will be responsible stewards of their tax dollars — particularly in an age when insurmountable debts threaten to leave our economy lost at sea. We need to be careful, lest these debts sweep the ship of state under the waves.

“A Walker win in Wisconsin will be a victory for taxpayers across the country, and particularly for the policy that demands responsibility and accountability from government workers. There is no entitlement to make taxpayers pay more for excessive benefits schemes that threaten to bankrupt every state in the Union.”

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