Americans for Limited Government project Free Market America takes America by storm

April 25, 2012, Fairfax, VA – Americans for Limited Government’s newest project, Free Market America, has taken America by storm since its launch this past weekend.

“The success of Free Market America’s launch shows that Americans are still very interested in the ideals of free markets and limited government, and stopping the Big Government environmentalists in nationwide. Our video, ‘If I wanted America to fail,’ has more than half a million views on YouTube in just a few days,” said Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government.

Since its launch last weekend, Free Market America has been featured on Fox News, Drudge Report, Glenn Beck TV,, The Blaze, Human Events, Michelle Malkin, Breitbart and many, many others.

“The widespread success of this project shows that Americans are willing to stand up and fight for freedom and prosperity and against the heavy hand of big government. With many in the conservative media and conservative bloggers spreading this message and taking our content viral, the Big Green agenda will soon be facing an uphill battle.”



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