ALG: Obama Claim of 3 Million Jobs Created in 22 Months a Lie

Jan. 26, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today in a statement dismissed Barack Obama’s State of the Union claim that “[i]n the last 22 months, businesses have created more than 3 million jobs,” citing data from the government’s own Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“The Obama Administration is entitled to its own opinion, but not its own facts. Since February 2010, when Obama starts measuring his claim that 3 million jobs were created, the amount of people employed has only increased from 138.66 million to 140.79 million, a net increase of only 2.13 million. While that sounds nice, that is a pace of just 96,000 a month, which does not even keep up with the growth of the population, let alone replace the 8 million jobs that were lost in the recession.

“That means, when population growth and the loss of 4 million working age adults from the labor force who have simply stopped looking for work are fully taken into account, the unemployment situation has not improved at all.

We have an effective unemployment rate of 11 percent, and an underemployed rate of 17 percent. There are over 27 million working age adults who still cannot find full-time work, no thanks to Obama’s ‘stimulus’ policies. To lie about the horrific state of our economy and the plight of 27 million Americans who cannot find work is a crime against humanity.

“It is time for new leadership who will honestly evaluate the situation, and prescribe the pro-growth policies to turn the Ship of State around from sinking into the Abyss.”


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