ALG Urges NLRB Member Brian Hayes to Resign to Block Snap Elections

Nov. 29, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement responding to the announcement that the National Labor Relations Board intends to move forward tomorrow with a “quickie” ruling in violation of all of their precedents and protocols in favor of snap elections:

“This obscene attempt to implement through regulation changes in union election laws that Congress has repeatedly rejected is an affront to our nation’s Constitutional separation of powers. The Obama appointees on the Board clearly intend to rush through a monumental change in the law intended to give advantage to organized labor at the expense of fair and honest union elections in the workplace. Unfortunately, the only speed bump in their path is if they are prevented from having a quorum through the resignation of the lone dissenting member, Brian Hayes.

“Mr. Hayes has served on the Board with distinction, but there is no honor in allowing the rule of law to be trumped by petty partisan politics. As difficult as this decision would be, the only honorable path for Mr. Hayes is to resign his seat and deny the rogue majority the quorum necessary to pervert the law of the land.”


ALG Urges Support for Kline Bill to Kill NLRB Snap Elections, Nov. 29, 2011 at

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