Obama to Rule by Decree Over Economy, ALG Responds

October 13, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement blasting the Obama Administration’s decision to impose its will over the economy in response to its failure to enact a $35 billion states bailout:

“The New York Times is reporting that the Administration, in response to the bi-partisan rejection by the U.S. Senate of its latest economic stimulus bill, will be announcing a series of regulatory actions designed to help the economy. What is ironic is that Obama’s EPA, Department of Interior, Labor Department and National Labor Relations Board, along with his support for ObamaCare and the Financial Services Reform legislation have been prime culprits in crippling an already weak economy.

“If Obama truly wants to get the economy moving in 2012, and save his job, he will roll back the job killing regulations and rulings created under his watch over the past three years and support repeal of ObamaCare. Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely as it would require taking responsibility for his failures and acknowledging that his Big Government agenda has failed.

“As Obama begins his rule-by-decree tour around the western United States, it will be important for watchdogs in Congress to ensure that this wild attempt to gain votes doesn’t overstep his Constitutional authority.”

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