ALG Blasts Virginia Organizing, Calls for $2 in Spending Cuts for Every $1 in Disaster Relief

September 1st, 2001, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement praising House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for proposing offsetting spending cuts for every dollar spent on disaster relief:

“Majority Leader Cantor is to be thanked for being the responsible adult in the room for suggesting that every dollar of disaster relief should be offset by a dollar of real spending cuts. Radical leftists like Virginia Organizing are charlatans who believe you can have everything all the time with no consequence.

“This is the danger of government’s unbridled spending spree, which is that when you really need to fulfill a core government function, like disaster relief, the government has already wasted all of its money on unnecessary spending. Just because a hurricane or an earthquake has hit, does not mean the nation’s fiscal situation has become any less dire. We still need to cut spending.

“Cantor is to be praised, but we also believe that for every dollar of disaster relief, there should be $2 of real, offsetting spending cuts — that should be taken out of the Departments of Labor, Commerce, and Housing and Urban Development. If we cannot cut non-essential spending in the midst of an emergency, when can it be cut?”

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