ALG Supports Rep. Scott’s Bill Defunding Legal Services Corporation

August 10th, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today supported legislation by Rep. Austin Scott defunding the Legal Services Corporation:

“Rep. Austin Scott’s move to rip the Corporation’s $420 million of funding out by the roots is to be commended. If we cannot defund the services we don’t even need and are non-essential, the budget will never be balanced.

“The Legal Services Corporation is the legal arm for left-wing causes and should have its federal funding eliminated. It has been known to defend drug dealers against eviction from public housing, and grant recipients have been caught by the Corporation’s Inspector General using taxpayer money for gambling and prostitution.

“So troublesome has the Corporation been, it was prohibited from engaging in class action lawsuits in the 1980’s because it had become a tool for engaging in policy rather than its intended purpose of providing legal services to low-income Americans. To date, the Corporation does nothing but file nuisance lawsuits and kill jobs. We don’t need to fund it.”

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