ALG Urges House to Pass ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ With Bigger Cuts

July 29th, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government today issued a statement urging the House of Representatives to pass the “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act” again with even more cuts:

“There is no need for the House to pass anything today that the Senate simply wants to modify anyway. If the House feels it must pass something, it should just stand its ground and pass ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ again with even more cuts to 2012 than before. And urge the Senate to vote on it up or down. If Congress cannot get a balanced budget amendment now, cap spending, and make immediate cuts, we may never get our fiscal house in order.

“The bill should include a revenue prioritization when the debt ceiling is reached, instructing the Treasury to pay interest on the debt and otherwise refinance debt up to the limit. This will take default or withholding Social Security checks out of the equation, and begin an honest debate without a loaded gun in Obama’s hands.”

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