ALG Launches Petition

July 7th, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) today launched an online petition urging citizen involvement in efforts to reform the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) today.

The campaign at includes informative articles and videos relating to NLRB activities as well as a petition effort supporting reform efforts.

“ will provide citizens a voice in opposing the NLRB’s attempts to bypassing state legislation and push a Big Labor agenda that was rejected in both Congress and in state legislatures across the nation,” said ALG President Bill Wilson.

Wilson cited the NLRB’s recent actions against Boeing necessitating urgent action by Congress. Boeing’s planned creation of a second assembly line for their new Dreamliner aircraft in South Carolina has been challenged by the NLRB.

“The NLRB has challenged the private company’s right to build aircraft in the Charleston area due to the state’s laws which allow workers to choose whether to pay union dues or not,” said Wilson.

Wilson continued, “This worker choice, known as right to work, has been a target of labor unions for decades and the recent NLRB actions show that rather than being an independent agency, they have become nothing more than a front for organized labor.”

Reform efforts would restrict the NLRB’s power, and narrowly define the role that they are able to play in labor management relations.

ALG has urged passage of legislation seeking to protect states that have passed laws that protect their citizens’ right to secret ballot elections, the “State Right to Vote Act”. The bill, introduced by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), seeks to ensure that the NLRB cannot bypass the role of state legislation in determining employer’s responsibilities.

Wilson called on the American people to sign the petition, saying, “We need the help of everyone to show the NLRB that the American people are tired of their job killing regulatory overreaches and want a change.”

“Now is the time to reject the job killing NLRB’s one-sided attack on our nation’s job creators by contacting their elected representatives using the petition advocacy tool,” Wilson concluded.

You can follow the latest NLRB news on Twitter at @ReformtheNLRB.


“Craig Becker Should Recuse Himself from NLRB-Boeing Case,” Americans for Limited Government, July, 5th, 2011 at

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