ALG Calls on Boehner to End Negotiations, Pass a Bill

July 11th, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today urged House Speaker John Boehner to end the negotiations over increasing the $14.294 trillion debt ceiling, and simply pass the bill that the House wants:

“It is time for John Boehner to put an end to the silliness of attempting to achieve a backroom debt ceiling deal with a White House more intent on re-election than confronting their spending addiction.

“Speaker Boehner needs to return to his duties in the House of Representatives and pass a debt ceiling increase through the House this week that cuts spending dramatically while raising the ceiling enough to get past the 2012 elections. The process should be open and transparent allowing all sides to offer amendments.

“It will then be up to the Democratic Party leaders in the Senate to pass their own bill so the two sides can negotiate around real legislation rather than through finger pointing press conferences and media leaks.

“This debate defines the future of our nation, and Mr. Boehner has a chance to be the adult in this conversation by doing his work. If the Senate Majority Leader doesn’t choose to take up the issue, then default will lie solely on his shoulders.”

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