Debt Ceiling Battle of Our Time, ALG Says

June 20, 2011, Fairfax, VAAmericans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued a statement urging the House not to cave in to calls to scale back its demands to make far-reaching spending cuts in exchange for any vote to increase the $14.294 trillion national debt ceiling:

“House Speaker John Boehner cannot afford to flinch in the debate over the debt ceiling. There is too much at stake. The debt ceiling is the battle of our time, and will determine whether the nation’s future is one of unsustainable debt, catastrophic default, and decline, like Europe, or one of prosperity, growth, and fiscal prudence.

“For Republicans to concede an increase in the debt ceiling without far-reaching spending cuts would be to sacrifice the only leverage they have to restore order to the nation’s fiscal house. Speaker Boehner must hold firm for the sake of all Americans.”

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