New Hampshire Senate Passage of Right-to-Work Bill is to be Praised

April 21, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement praising the New Hampshire Senate for passing right-to-work legislation:

“The New Hampshire Senate is to be commended for adopting a right-to-work law by a veto-proof majority that will give workers the choice of whether or not they want to pay union dues. The issue comes down to individual choice, and whether New Hampshire and other states are going to respect the right of the freedom of association.

“This follows the House’s passage of similar right-to-work legislation, and the historic passage of a balanced budget that reins in out-of-control public sector unions. The budget also takes the necessary step of increasing public employee contributions to their own pension funds, and now needs Senate approval.

“New Hampshire is taking the lead in pushing back against the excesses of public sector unions, and restoring the freedom of choice to its citizens to decide for themselves who they associate with. Now, the House and Senate need to work together to produce a right-to-work bill that will pass both houses by veto-proof margins.”

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