ALG: ‘Senate still faces the hard work’ of passing House spending cuts

March 3rd, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement on the enactment of a two-week continuing resolution containing $4 billion in spending cuts:

“Because the House did its job to keep the government funded and yet reining in spending, even modestly by $4 billion over two weeks, it has bought the Senate time to do their job. Now Senate Democrats need to join House Republicans, who have already demonstrated their commitment to avoid a government shutdown by passing the continuing resolution for the remainder of the fiscal year with $61 billion of spending cuts.

“Senate Democrats now face a choice: Accept the cuts, or shut down the government. If it shuts down, it will be wholly the responsibility of Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats. The fact is, Congress will need to cut at least that much to help rein in the nation’s fiscal house and reduce the $1.65 trillion budget deficit.”


Bill Wilson sound bite 1: Wilson sound bite1.mp3

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