ALG Urges House to Adopt Rehberg Amendment Defunding Implementation of ObamaCare

February 16th, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement urging adoption of an amendment to the continuing resolution by Rep. Denny Rehberg defunding the implementation of ObamaCare:

“House Appropriations Labor and Health Subcommittee Chairman Denny Rehberg has taken an important and necessary step in offering an amendment to the continuing resolution that stops federal implementation of ObamaCare.

“Rep. Rehberg is to be praised for keeping this promise to the American people. It is outrageous in light of Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling voiding the law that Obama continues to spend federal money and issue new regulations on something that is no longer the law of the land.

“Today, I am sending a letter to every governor involved in the Florida and Virginia suits, as well New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, urging them to return to court. Obama must cease and desist from all implementation of this defunct law. To waste taxpayer money putting something into effect that has been found to be unconstitutional is a dereliction of duty. We urge Congress and governors across the nation to use all their resources to stop Obama’s illegal continuance of regulation writing.

“And we urge every member of Congress to support the Rehberg amendment to stop ObamaCare.”


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