ALG to Congress on Budget: Return to FY 2007 Levels, Across the Board

December 1st, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement on the lame duck session of Congress’ consideration of a continuing resolution for FY 2011:

“Two months have passed since Congress was required to have completed the 2011 budget process on October 1st. It had over a year to complete the process, but they have not even begun yet. Instead, the government is operating on a continuing resolution that expires on December 3rd.

“Congress should either pass a two-month continuing resolution and let the next Congress deal with the 2011 budget, or pass a year-long continuing resolution with baseline 2007 levels across the board at $2.7 trillion. That would reduce the deficit by over $800 billion. Then, if Congress wished to increase entitlement spending to current levels, it would have to be paid for by eliminating hundreds of billions of dollars of needless federal programs, including the financial bailouts and the wasted ‘stimulus’.

“Congress should be forced to choose: Keep the entitlements, or keep the bureaucrats. But it can’t have both. The fact is, nobody wants to reduce Medicare and Social Security benefits to the elderly who paid into the system, so the bureaucracy should be leveled, and responsibility for regulation returned to the states. Corporate welfare and other subsidies should be ended once and for all. The federal government should only keep those departments and agencies that are absolutely essential to protect the homeland, meet our obligations overseas, and keep our commitments to the nation’s elderly and those who cannot help themselves. Everything else should be eliminated.”

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