ALG on Budget Deal: “A vote for the continuing resolution is a vote for another trillion dollar-plus deficit”

December 14th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement on the budget continuing resolution under consideration in the Senate:

“The current continuing resolution is a transparent ploy by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to negate the impact of the November elections. The current continuing resolution under consideration in the Senate will lock in the $3.5 trillion budget at current levels for a whole year without any spending cuts. Congressional Democrats should have no power to set in the nation’s budget priorities right now, having been so soundly rejected by the American people in November.

“Despite the dire fiscal crisis the nation faces, with a $13.8 trillion national debt that cannot be paid, and in spite of the American people who are demanding action to cut spending, Congress is busy voting to kick the can for yet another year. A vote for the continuing resolution is a vote for another trillion dollar-plus deficit, and that is simply unacceptable to all Americans. Any politician in Congress that has ever promised to reduce the deficit should vote ‘no’ on this continuing resolution.

“The proper course of action is to instead block the proposed continuing resolution and either propose a new one that locks in FY 2007 levels of $2.7 trillion across the board, or pass a 3 month continuing resolution that will give the new Congress an opportunity to cut spending for FY 2011. A recent International Monetary Fund study shows that successful fiscal consolidation programs around the world have relied primarily on spending cuts, not tax increases. If the current members of Congress have no political will to cut spending now, then they are a failure. They should just get out of the way, and hand the tough job ahead to the new Congress with a short three-month continuing resolution.”

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