ALG Urges Senate Republicans to Enact Earmark Moratorium

November 12th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement urging Senate Republicans to support a moratorium on congressional earmarks:

“Now is the time for Senate Republicans to lead by example in pursuing fiscal responsibility by enacting a moratorium on congressional earmarks. With a $13.7 trillion national debt and projected trillion-dollar deficits every year for the next ten years, now is the time for Senate Republicans to send a clear message to taxpayers that they care more about balancing the budget than delivering pork to their home states.

“Americans for Limited Government is urging Senate Republicans to carefully consider the express will of the American people who support a moratorium on congressional earmarks. The American people voted for change in November, and now they want to know if Senate Republicans have changed their ways.

“A moratorium on earmarks is needed so that Congress can focus on and dispense with critical budgetary reforms that must be enacted to protect the very solvency of the republic. Senate Republicans should support the earmark moratorium as a first step to balancing the budget. It will tell taxpayers that the new Congress is committed to changing the way it does business, starting with eliminating unnecessary pork. Earmarks weaken our political process by undermining public trust in our institutions. Earmarks are the grease that tempt members of Congress to vote for trillion-dollar budget busting bills and government takeovers.

“The American people want Congress to work on the big issues surrounding reining in Washington’s unsustainable spending. A moratorium on earmarks by Senate Republicans will send a signal that they are setting aside their own political self-interests in favor of the broader interests of all Americans, who want the budget balanced. It’s time for lawmakers to begin to make sacrifices.”

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