ALG Demands Filibuster Against Judicial Nominees

November 17th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) is encouraging Republicans in the Senate to filibuster the nomination of judicial nominees Goodwin Liu and Robert Chatigny, for the federal bench. The full Senate is expected to vote on these judicial nominees tomorrow.

“Senate Republicans are under no obligation to support nominees or provide political cover for the other side of the aisle,” explained Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government (ALG).

“Goodwin Liu is an extra-constitutional thinker who believes that the eligibility requirements for ObamaCare and other ‘welfare rights’ are perfectly within the scope of courts to interpret,” Wilson noted. “With him on the bench, a single-payer system could be just one court decision away. The American people cannot take that chance.”

“Liu also has an expansive view of the Commerce Clause, and does not even hold as an ‘absolute requirement’ that an activity even be economic in order for it to be regulated. Guess what? That encapsulates all activity,” Wilson explained.

“Robert Chatigny told the American people everything they needed to know when he did all in his power to prevent the execution of a convicted serial killer and rapist. He even overturned Connecticut’s sex offender registry law, only to later have his own decision reversed,” Wilson explained.

Americans for Limited Government has run ads urging Senate Judiciary Committee members to oppose Chatigny.

Wilson concluded, “These radical judicial picks, re-nominated by Obama, remind the American people of why judges matter. It is up to the Senate Republicans to put the brakes on nominees whose extralegal views warp and distort the Constitution and thus undermine the rule of law. America does not need more ideologues on the bench.”

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