ALG Blasts Representative Bill Owens for $2.5 Trillion ObamaCare, $154 Billion States Bailout Votes

October 12th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today blasted U.S. Representative Bill Owens (D-NY23) for “being a reliable vote for Nancy Pelosi when it counted to get massive pieces of legislation across the finish line.”

“Bill Owens cannot hide from his record. Bill Owens voted for the $2.5 trillion ObamaCare three times, and even voted for a $154 billion bailout of bankrupt states like New York and California,” Wilson declared.

“Because of Bill Owens’ support of ObamaCare, Americans will lose their private health care options and increasingly be forced onto Medicaid, the costs of which will bankrupt the public treasury,” Wilson explained.

“The American people have lost their right to choose their own health insurance because Bill Owens supported ObamaCare,” Wilson added, pointing to the individual mandate that will force all Americans to purchase health insurance come 2014.

“When Nancy Pelosi needed him, Bill Owens was there to pass ObamaCare, within hours of being sworn in,” Wilson noted.

“The fact is, Bill Owens has been unable to stop anything in the Pelosi agenda,” Wilson noted. “Owens had a choice to stand with the American people against government overreach, but instead voted to take away their private health care options and to bankrupt the nation.”

“Bill Owens’ votes to bankrupt the treasury show all to see exactly who and what he is: an Obama-Pelosi groupie,” Wilson concluded.


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