ALG Praises House Republicans for “Forcing House Democrats to Take First Step at Repealing ObamaCare”

July 30th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today praised House Republican Leader John Boehner and Representative David Camp for forcing House Democrats “to remove just one of the countless flaws in the ObamaCare abomination that would have forced businesses to file 1099 forms for every expenditure that exceeds $600.”

“House Republican Leader John Boehner, Representative David Camp, and the entire House Republican Conference led by Chairman Mike Pence deserve the thanks of the American people for forcing House Democrats to take the first step at repealing ObamaCare,” Wilson said.

House Republicans yesterday filed a Motion-to-Recommit (MTR) on HR 5893. The MTR would have eliminated this small business reporting requirement that is set to start in 2012.

Imposed by ObamaCare, the requirement which effectively forces small businesses to file a 1099 form with the IRS for every expenditure for goods or services of $600 or more. Corporations would also have to file information returns when they receive $600 or more in exchange for services or other determinable gains.

House Democrats responded by pulling HR 5893 from the floor, and submitting it as HR 5982 with the Republican provision included. The provision specifically repeals section 9006 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The provision was expected to raise $16 billion in revenue to pay for ObamaCare, but according to the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) National Taxpayer Advocate, it would have cost small businesses more than the Treasury would have gained as a result.

“Nancy Pelosi and her caucus are admitting they never read ObamaCare. They are admitting they had no idea or did not care how bad it would be for small business despite being warned. And ultimately they are admitting there is no way to pay for ObamaCare even with the multiple tax hikes they plan,” Wilson concluded.


“A New ObamaCare horror story,” By Rick Manning, April 29th, 2010.

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