Obama oil spill containment effort: Incompetent or Willful Neglect?

June 2nd, 2010, Fairfax, VA – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s May 3rd request to the Obama Administration to build barriers off the Louisiana shoreline to stop oil from reaching pristine areas has been met with an additional delay as Obama Administration National Incident Commander, Admiral Thad Allen issued a request for public comments over the Internet today.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson reacted to the delays saying, “It is outrageous that fully one month after this request was filed, Obama’s man on the ground, is busy soliciting Internet comments rather than taking action.”

Governor Jindal was joined by local Louisiana officials in submitting the barrier island containment plan and discussing it directly with the President on May 2, gaining what seemed like Presidential approval for an expedited approval process to contain the oil. One month later, President’s man on the ground is taking an Internet survey.

Wilson concluded saying, “Crisis management by Internet comments is no way to operate, and goes to the heart of the question whether this Administration is simply grossly incompetent or willfully negligent. Every ounce of oil that hits the beaches and marshlands is on Obama’s hands.”

Americans for Limited Government published a commentary today questioning the Obama Administration’s commitment to containing the oil spill given their seeming obstructionism and disengagement over the past month and a half.