House Democrats derided for failure to pass budget Basic Constitutional responsibility not met

June 24th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, came under fire today after the announcement that the U.S. House of Representatives would fail to pass a budget.

Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government remembers, “Pelosi and Hoyer should be held accountable for the words of their own Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt who infamously stated in 2006, ‘if you cannot budget, you cannot govern’.”

The decision by House Democrats to leave the nation without a budget comes as some of the nation’s pre-eminent economists and businessmen are warning about our nation faces an unsustainable debt burden.

Billionaire Warren Buffett places the debt burden directly in the lap of Pelosi and Hoyer in a May 1, 2010 Reuters story, where he worries that, “it won’t work forever to run huge budget deficits and easy money,’ Buffett warned. He said if this causes problems, “Congress rather than the Federal Reserve should get the blame.”

In a startling admission that re-election politics rather than the needs of the nation were the primary reasons behind the failure, Hoyer revealed weeks ago that it was unlikely that Democrats would produce a budget complaining, “It’s difficult to pass budgets in election years because they reflect what the [fiscal] status is.”

According to Wilson, “Hoyer’s statement makes it clear that House Democrats are hoping to hide the financial hole caused by their wasting billions upon billions on stimulus after stimulus leading our nation to near financial ruin. Their failure to produce a budget due to political concerns is a dereliction of duty at a time when our nation needs heroes to step up to meet this crisis, not wannabe leaders who cower in fear and hope it goes away.”

In the three and a half years since Pelosi became Speaker in 2007, the nation’s debt has climbed by $4 trillion dollars to more than $13 trillion. It is little wonder that House Democrats don’t want the people to see what the nation’s “fiscal status is.”

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