ALG Blasts Obama Administration for “Crushing the Private Sector”

June 4th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today blasted Obama Administration policies that he said are “crushing the marketplace of jobs that once made the American economy a robust engine of opportunity.”

“The whole premise of deficit-spending ‘stimulus’ being used to address the recession has been turned on its head by the sovereign debt crisis that threatens the solvency of nations throughout the world,” Wilson said.

“Debt and overspending are the problem. The economy is clearly being weakened by government excess, and it is hurting the American people, who are looking for jobs and instead are finding stagnation,” Wilson added, pointing to what he termed to be a “weak jobs report.”

Wilson pointed to a recent USA Today report that documented private wages sinking as a share of personal income while government benefits are increasing as “evidence that government is crowding out, and indeed crushing the private sector. Today’s job numbers show an increase of 411,000 government Census jobs but only an anemic 41,000 private sector jobs created.”

Wilson also noted that unemployment was disproportionately affecting young people. Youth unemployment rose to 26.4 percent last month, compared with an overall 9.7 percent unemployment rate.

“Not only is government burdening future generations with an insurmountable debt that will rise to over $20 trillion by 2020, which cannot possibly be paid, its policies are making it harder for young people to enter the workforce and gather experience,” Wilson said.

Wilson highlighted a piece published today by John Stossel about the Department of Labor eliminating unpaid internships as “a small example of Obama regulations that are eliminating opportunities for young people to gain experience and become more marketable employees.”

“Only the Obama Administration would push for billions in increased public education spending to ‘train’ future workers with outdated curricula while simultaneously eliminating unpaid government internships — where students and young professionals gain real-world work experience — whose cost is minimal,” Wilson lamented.

“Never before have the American people been faced with an Administration so hostile to the private sector, and so ideologically-driven as to restrict opportunity in ways that threaten the future prosperity of the nation,” Wilson concluded.

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