New Mexico Congressman Harry Teague Denounced  

Groups Charges he treats Citizens like “Fools”

March 16th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—New Mexico Congressman Harry Teague was denounced today for what was termed, “his total disrespect and disdain for New Mexico citizens” by Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government.

“For any elected official to blatantly lie in a futile attempt to keep from stating a position on an issue as controversial and important as the upcoming health care vote is the height of disrespect,” said Wilson. “Harry Teague owes everyone in the State of New Mexico an apology at the very least.”

On Tuesday (March 16, 2010) the Albuquerque Journal reported that Teague was claiming to be undecided on the impending health care vote. Teague was quoted as saying, “I don’t want to say for sure until we see exactly what the Senate sends over, but we’re going to look at it.”

“The problem is the Senate sent the government takeover of healthcare on Christmas Eve, over three months ago. What has Harry Teague been doing? Using this kind of dodge to a crucial question is obscene,” said Wilson.

“Harry Teague is treating the citizens like fools, acting like nobody would notice that the bill under discussion has been on the table for more than 100 days,” continued Wilson.

In the article, Teague spokesman Sara Schreiber claimed Teague “isn’t thrilled with the prospect of using reconciliation to get health care overhaul.” Reconciliation is normally reserved for budget fixes and not used for major policy changes. The Obama Administration and its allies are planning on using a distorted version of this process in an attempt to slip the measure into law with the least amount of accountability possible.

“If Ms. Schreiber and Congressman Teague have any integrity left at all they will oppose this gross distortion of the process and rules by opposing the reconciliation scam,” said Wilson. “We will have to wait and see if Congressman Teague is an independent representative of the People or just another zombie in the Obama-Pelosi circus that is now Washington, D.C.,” concluded Wilson.