ALG Launches  

February 3rd, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today announced the launch of, a fact-checking website devoted solely to monitoring the New York Times.

“Ordinary Americans who recognize that The New York Times has become over-loaded with agenda-based editorials that masquerade as straight news finally have a new outlet devoted toward the exposure of biased coverage,” said Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson. was officially launched on Feb.1st and includes analysis of news reports with national ramifications. “For over a hundred years the New York Times has marketed itself as a straightforward, highly-detailed newspaper glued to hard facts as opposed to agenda-laced reporting,” said Editor Kevin Mooney.

“But under the present management, this original mission has been subverted and it has become increasingly evident in recent years that the nation’s paper of record too often serves as a left-wing propaganda sheet,” Mooney added.

“Thanks to alternative media resources it is now possible to highlight and debunk biased reporting that does a disservice to the readership and runs counter to American interests,” Wilson explained.

Mooney said that was “sorely” needed. “The same newspaper that hid behind the First Amendment when it exposed CIA counter-terrorist activity in the aftermath of 9/11 saw fit to vituperate against a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in January that expanded those same freedoms,” said Mooney, adding, “Americans who care about the future of their country recognize that there is a big double-standard at work in the self-described ‘paper of record’ that routinely offends their values and cuts undermines the nation’s long-term health.”

“It’s not honest, it’s not good journalism and it is costing The New York Times readership,” Mooney declared.

Wilson emphasized that would also “be certain to give credit where credit is due,” concluding, “Despite the steady wave of biased coverage, there are solid reports, packed with valuable information that show the newspaper can still perform a valuable service that does proper justice to divergent viewpoints. will be sure to recognize and credit top reports in tandem with daily analysis that calls attention to coverage that is overly skewed toward a liberal agenda. We are also pleased to hear from readers on all sides of the political spectrum who believe in the original mission of the New York Times and would like to see it restored to its proper station.”