The WIRE Broadens Headline Service, Moves to  

December 21st, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government today announced the new home of The WIRE at

The Alert is an online news wire and aggregation service provided for media outlets to enable them to instantly access the top news in the nation’s capital. Bipartisan and all-inclusive, The Alert, as its tagline proclaims, provides “The top news. All the time. In an instant.”

According to Washington News Alert Bureau Chief, Robert Romano, “The Alert is a valuable resource for reporters to turn to get original source material. As newsmakers send us their releases, statements, speeches, multimedia, etc., they will be fed into The Alert directly so that reporters will have a single source, turn-to site to get their hands on political news—directly from the newsmakers without any filters.”

Added Senior Editor Adam Bitely, “We have aggregated D.C.’s top media outlets that utilize RSS feeds, top newsmakers who utilize Twitter, and top national political bloggers into a single system that updates itself every time those outlets are updated.”

According to Bitely, the National News section includes top national, D.C. news outlets, such as Politico, Washington Examiner, Congressional Quarterly, and more than two-dozen others. As those outlets release breaking news, it is automatically included in The Alert.

The Alert will help political reporters, opinion leaders, bloggers, and editors to keep up to date with the headlines, as well as what top newsmakers are saying as soon as it happens,” Romano said.

The Alert contains four prominent features:

• the Twitter feed of top DC tweeters;
• the National News feed of the latest headlines from the Washington Post, Washington Examiner, Politico, Congressional Quarterly, and other DC news outlets;
• the blog feed from top political bloggers; and
• the Breaking News & Commentary feed, which will include Congressional and not-for-profit releases, statements, opeds, etc. as well as “breaking news that ALG-NRN News identifies throughout the day, and up-to-the-minute,” said Romano.

Romano reminded elected officials, news outlets, bloggers, activists and organizations nationwide to send breaking news tips and headlines to Newsmaker Tweeters should contact Alert Senior Editor Adam Bitely at about adding their Twitter feed to the system.

“We look forward to adding new features to The Alert as time goes forward, and we encourage user feedback to help us with making those improvements,” Romano said, concluding, “Our goal is that The Alert will get better and better, and not miss a beat.”