ALG Urges Senate Finance Committee to Vote Against Baucus-led “Fannie Med”

October 5th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today called upon members of the Senate Finance Committee to reject the mark-up done on the Senate version of “ObamaCare,” saying that “it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that will devour America’s health-care industry.”

“The Baucus bill would create the equivalent of a public-private partnership like Fannie Mae, Amtrak, or the post office,” said Wilson. “Invariably, just like every other public-private partnership started by the federal government, it will not sustain itself and the final bill will belong with American taxpayers.”

“This is just ‘Fannie Med,” said Wilson, quoting Senator Jim DeMint.

Americans for Limited Government estimates that the Senate bill would cost around $122 billion a year once fully implemented, or $1.2 trillion over ten years, with 26 million receiving government-subsidized health care.

“The Baucus bill would not be implemented until 2013, which is supposed to keep the bill under the $1 trillion mark. But the American people are not stupid,” said Wilson, adding, “They know this is government-run socialized medicine. They know it creates an unsustainable entitlement.”

Proponents of the Senate Finance Committee version of the bill tout that the so-called “public option” has been removed, which is still a part of the House plan for which 45 million additional Americans would qualify. According to ALG’s Wilson that tout is an “artless deception.”

“It doesn’t really matter much that Baucus has slightly watered down the bill,” said Wilson. “Baucus advocates establishing government-run ‘co-ops’ in the place of private health options. It still contains a rationing board. It still sets up mandatory health care for individuals. It still does nothing to allow Americans to purchase insurance across state lines. It still cuts Medicare to pay for everyone else, increases taxes, and has no tort reform.

“And it is still does nothing to bring the ballooning national debt—nearly at $12 trillion—under control. Making matters worse, it will still result in a government-run health system,” Wilson added.

According to Rasmussen Reports a full 50 percent of voters oppose the Barack Obama’s plans to reorganize the health system.

“The groundswell of opposition to both the House and Senate versions of this bill tell us one thing: Congress can call this whatever they want, but the American people are not biting,” Wilson concluded.

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