ALG Hand-Delivers Protest Posters to Members of Congress, Message is Clear: Your World View is Warped

Fairfax, VA, September 9th, 2009–Tomorrow morning (9/10) beginning at 10:00 AM, Americans for Limited Government (ALG) will begin delivering an unusually graphic message to every member of the Senate and House – and it will come in the form of a 26” by 30” inch poster. The message: your world view is warped.

The poster, by award-winning cartoonist William Warren, is captioned “How Washington Politicians See the World.” It shows an overblown view of Washington, with the Capitol, the White House, and various government buildings dominating the foreground. In the far distance, only inches wide is the rest of the United States peopled by “Angry Mobs,” “Uninformed Masses,” and “Un-American Malcontents.”

“The poster is clearly a take-off on the old New Yorker cover ‘How New Yorkers See the World,’” said cartoonist Warren. “But in this case, its message is far more accurate, and ominous.”

Warren pointed out that each of the labels affixed to the American people is drawn from an actual description by members of Congress.

“The truth is,” Warren said, “I had to soften it some. ‘UnAmerican,’ of course, came from Pelosi and Hoyer, and ‘uninformed’ is how many of the politicians described those who have protested the Obama health care takeover. But, I purposely refrained from using Harry Reid’s depiction of Americans as ‘evilmongers,’ or Rep. Baird’s labeling them ‘brownshirts.’”

ALG president Bill Wilson wasn’t as sparing of the politicians’ feelings in his comments on the poster delivery.

“We’re shoving their own attitude right in their faces,” said Wilson. “In the long history of this country, we have never had a gang of career politicians so outrageously out of touch with the American people as we have in Washington today. They have decided they are a world unto themselves – and we’re telling them they’re not.”

Throughout the country, Americans for Limited Government has taken the lead in helping grassroots leaders organize protests against the Obama health care plan and other incidents of what it terms “Big Government power grabs.” The poster is being offered to the organization’s 400,000 members nationwide.

“The problem the politicians have is that the poster doesn’t merely reflect how they see the American people,” Wilson said, “it also reflects how the American people see the politicians.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Should any members of the media wish to accompany ALG staffers as they deliver the “Washington World View” posters to the members of Congress, they can meet the delivery team at:

When: September 10th, 1PM
Where: 300 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003