ALG Praises Congresswoman Virginia Foxx for Protecting Taxpayers from Theft, Urges Senate to Leave Amendment Intact  

March 24th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today praised Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) for her amendment to the “so-called ‘GIVE Act’ that prohibits not-for-profit entities using taxpayer money for lobbying, political organizing, or other political purposes.”

Wilson also urged members of the Senate “not to strip out provisions that protect taxpayers,” saying that “Any member of the Senate who votes against the Foxx amendment is voting for handing taxpayer funds to left-wing groups.”

The GIVE Act is an Obama Administration proposal to expand the national service corps from 75 thousand to 250 thousand.

“Virginia Foxx is a hero for taxpayers in a time when they have very few advocates,” said Wilson. “The ‘GIVE Act’ should really have been called the ‘ACORN Assistance Act’ because without Foxx’s amendment, it would pour billions of dollars into the pockets of radical political operatives.”

“Thanks to Congresswoman Foxx’s amendment, a terrible piece of legislation has become less bad: individuals and organizations that participate in national service programs would at least be prohibited from engaging in lobbying, and also prevented from co-locating upon the same premises as organizations that lobby,” Wilson explained.

“This is critical, because it will prevent the national service organizations, which are funded by taxpayers, from becoming political organizations that then go back to Congress to lobby for yet more money,” said Wilson.

The legislation, with Foxx’s amendment included, passed the House 321-105.

“The danger now is that Senate members, who are nothing more than shills for the left-wing political front group that feast upon taxpayer funds, will strip out the Foxx amendment, either in the Senate or in conference,” Wilson warned.

“A vote by any member of Congress against the Foxx amendment is a vote to allow national ‘service’ organizations to engage in lobbying on the taxpayer’s dime,” Wilson declared.

Wilson promised to release information on campaign contributions from organizations participating in the national service programs to members of Congress that vote to remove Foxx’s amendment from the bill.

“We will not let them get away with it,” Wilson promised. “We will make any member that votes to allow lobbying with tax dollars very, very famous.”

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