ALG Urges Congress to Vote Against $825 Billion “Stimulus” that includes Handouts to ACORN

January 26th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today urged Congress to vote against the $825 billion economic plan currently being considered “that is nothing more than a series of special interest payoffs, handouts, and kickbacks to favored industries and political constituencies.”

“Congress must stand with the American taxpayer and not add to the projected $2 trillion deficit for 2009. Up to $4.19 billion is being made available to groups like ACORN for so-called ‘neighborhood stabilization activities.’ The American people should not have to pay for it,” said Wilson.

In addition to being awarded eligibility for the $4.19 billion fund, the bill also includes $1 billion for the Community Development Block Grant Program, for which ACORN has received nearly $1.6 million from FY 2003 through FY 2007.

ACORN is the subject of an ongoing federal investigation into its purported fraudulent voter registration activities.

“The ACORN payoff provisions in the so-called ‘stimulus’ bill prove that Speaker Pelosi and her cronies really have no interest in stimulating anything other than the bank accounts of those who helped put them into power,” said Wilson.

“To boot, this kickback is to replace the earmark of 20 percent of any funds recouped from the disposition of purchased assets for the Affordable Housing Fund, and whose funds flows to many non-profit entities including ACORN and La Raza, that was removed from the original TARP plan after legislative watchdogs raised red flags,” Wilson added.

The 20 percent earmark of recouped funds from the Affordable Housing Fund to groups like ACORN was proposed by Democratic negotiators as the TARP was being drawn up, but after Senate and House Republican objected, it was removed.

“A ‘yes’ vote for the ‘stimulus’ plan by Congress is really a vote for a $2 trillion deficit, over $10 trillion of national debt, eventual hyperinflation, and special interest payoffs to groups like ACORN. We implore Congress to stand with the American people against this outright theft by voting ‘no.’”

“The American taxpayer is being robbed blind, and it is up to Congress to stop the madness. They can start by voting ‘no’ on the ‘stimulus,’” Wilson concluded.

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