ALG launches online portal with record 60,000 conservative bloggers  

Americans for Limited Government today launched its new omnibus bloggers portal,, with a record-setting 60,000 conservative bloggers on the “revolutionary” Internet site.

“This is an important moment for conservative bloggers nationwide,” said Bill Wilson, president of ALG. “In fact, it is not an overstatement to say that (NRN) provides bloggers a revolutionary new weapon in the Web’s far-reaching arsenal of democracy.

“With the advent of conservative bloggers across the country now have a free central location on which they can post their views and from which they can draw vital information about today’s most critical issues.”

Using a proprietary aggregating system, for the past three months has been systematically gathering conservative bloggers from throughout the United States. Starting with a core list of 1,500 bloggers, the system “spidered” out to where it now includes more than 60,000 conservative bloggers. And, according to Wilson, that number will continue to grow.

“We want every conservative blogger in America to know that he or she is no longer fighting an isolated battle,” Wilson said. “With NRN, bloggers now have a centralized location to feature their work. Mainstream media journalists can now have instant access to the conservative blogosphere’s latest thinking. And grassroots conservative activists will know who the key bloggers are in every town and city throughout the nation.”, which describes itself as an “omnibus service bureau” provides a massive outlet for conservative bloggers unlike any ever offered in the private, public, or political sectors. No other website has ever ventured to feature such an extensive and inclusive bloggers showcase.

Said Wilson, “It is important for those in and out of the blogosphere to understand that NRN is not some sort of exclusive portal where bloggers are forced to become part of ALG and pay to publish. We’re not asking that bloggers to join us – we are asking that they allow us to join them. And the NRN service is free.”

The NRN omnibus portal allows visitors to the website to instantly access blogs by “Top National Blogs, “Top State Blogs,” and “Top Blog Issues.” The site’s technology continually updates the topics under each heading 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The site also provides a “Top Blog Story, which changes throughout the day with topics selected from large and small blogs nationwide.

“We have tremendous respect for the individual blogger who often slugs away for hours a day, who writes some brilliant analyses, but who too often goes unheralded,” Wilson said. “They are like the British miners Churchill praised at the height of World War II – they ‘cut the coal.’ Now, with, they can begin to get the credit they deserve.”

According to Adam Bitely, the editor of, the new bloggers portal features “the perfect combination of the canary in the mine and the 800-pound gorilla.”

“Like the canary in the mine,” Bitely said, “the new NRN portal will allow visitors to the site to see what bloggers are most concerned about long before it becomes an issue of national import. And, like the proverbial 800-pound gorilla, it will allow bloggers to coordinate their activities in fighting – and winning – the most critical battles at the local, state, and national levels.”

“ has the ability to change the nature of the game of politics by shifting the field upon which it is played.”

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