ALG Urges 29 House Democrats to Support the American Energy Act

August 21st, 2008, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today urged 29 vulnerable House Democrats to support and vote for the American Energy Act.

“Please stand with your colleagues by passing the one bill in Congress that will dramatically increase oil drilling domestically, cut the red tape for building new gasoline refineries and constructing new nuclear power plants, promote coal-to-liquid technologies, and allow exploration for oil shale,” the letter states.

House Republicans need to muster at least 19 votes in order to have enough votes to pass the American Energy Act. The letter was addressed to the following Congressmen:

Mitchell, Harry E., Arizona, 5th                              Giffords, Gabrielle, Arizona, 8th

McNerney, Jerry, California, 11th                        Murphy, Christopher S., Connecticut, 5th
Mahoney, Tim, Florida, 16th                                    Marshall, Jim, Georgia, 8th
Bean, Melissa L., Illinois, 8th                                    Hill, Baron, Indiana, 9th
Boyda, Nancy E., Kansas, 2nd                               Moore, Dennis, Kansas, 3rd
Yarmuth, John A., Kentucky, 3rd                                          Cazayoux, Don, Louisiana, 6th
Walz, Timothy J., Minnesota, 1st                          Shea-Porter, Carol, New Hampshire, 1st
Hodes, Paul W., NH, 2nd                                           Gillibrand, Kirsten E., New York, 20th
Arcuri, Michael A., New York, 24th                                      Space, Zachary T., Ohio, 18th
Altmire, Jason, Pennsylvania, 4th                        Murphy, Patrick J., Pennsylvania, 8th
Carney, Christopher P., PA, 10th                         Kanjorski, Paul E., Pennsylvania, 11th
Davis, Lincoln, Tennessee, 4th                               Lampson, Nick, Texas, 22nd
Rodriguez, Ciro, Texas, 23                             Childers, Travis, Mississippi, 1st

Foster, Bill, Illinois, 14th                                   Kagen, Steve, Wisconsin, 8th

Murphy, Christopher S., Connecticut, 5th

“You have an opportunity to show your constituents and the nation that you are not a mere tool of the radical, ideological left, and that you can act in a commonsense fashion when presented with the facts. Public opinion poll after poll shows widespread support among Americans for lifting government-imposed restrictions on their own energy resources,” wrote Wilson to the 29.

Wilson believes that based on previous election returns, that the 29 representatives listed would stand the best chance of crossing the aisle.

“Frankly, it’s time for these elected officials to put up or shut up,” said Wilson. “All of these men and women are talking about developing American energy back home but so far refuse to take action that would accomplish the goal. The public is tired of the Washington double-talk. It’s time to allow energy production here at home.”

“These are representatives who ought to weigh carefully if they really want to tell their constituents that they oppose increasing energy production,” Wilson added. “Because, there’s certain to be a consequence this year for that.”