ALG Calls Upon all GOP Senators to Join Sen. Tom Coburn’s Filibuster against $25 billion Omnibus Bill  

July 18th, 2008, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson called upon all Republican Senators to join Senator Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) filibuster against a $25 billion omnibus bill that will combine over 100 pieces of legislation into one and change Senate rules.

“The economy is very sick, and it is sick because of the excessive spending and debt that Congress creates year in and year out,” said Wilson in a statement. “Our overall financial system is teetering on the brink of ruin, the dollar is collapsing, prices are soaring, inflation is on the rise, and the national debt has never been larger.”

“This is no coincidence,” said Wilson. “All roads lead back to Washington on the current economic crisis, because Congress keeps on spending. Their response to every crisis is to spend more. A $25 billion omnibus bill here. A $300 billion bank bailout there. A $150 billion economic ‘stimulus’ package. It never ends.”

Wilson explained, “The problem is that Congress’ spending habits—they spend more than they take in revenue—further increase the money supply and the national debt, directly causing the economy’s downward spiral to continue. They call it ‘stimulus,’ but really it’s cyanide for our economy and our future.”

“Enough is enough,” he added. “This is why it is imperative that all Republicans in the Senate join Senator Tom Coburn’s filibuster of the $25 billion omnibus bill.”

Senator Tom Coburn recently stated that 20 Senators had already joined the filibuster. Procedurally, it takes 41 votes in the Senate to maintain a filibuster.

According to a July 17th a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senators may not even be allowed to offer amendments to the omnibus package.

Wilson believes that Majority Leader Reid’s move will erode the Senate minority’s ability to keep the majority in check. “How this bill turns out will absolutely set the pace for the next session of Congress. Senate Republicans have a chance to turn the tide,” said Wilson.

“But, it’s going to take fiscal discipline, something that has been severely lacking in Washington for generations,” he added. “Senator Coburn needs a lot of help from his colleagues if that is ever going to change. Right now, he’s the true conscience of the Senate.”

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