ALG president sends California union official box of Kleenex

Americans for Limited Government president Bill Wilson today sent California Labor Federation council member Bob Balgenorth a box of extra-strength Kleenex tissues in response to the union official’s “crying crocodile tears” over the decision by Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez to keep $4 million given him by the state Democratic Party.

“It has come to my attention that you are crying crocodile tears over money Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez has apparently shifted into his private ‘slush fund,’” Wilson wrote, “and I want to offer you my sympathy. Herewith is a box of 120 2-ply extra-strength Kleenex.”

Wilson added, “Now, aren’t you glad the people of California had the good sense to pass the term limits law you so viciously opposed, so that you (and they) are finally rid of Mr. Nunez once and for all?”

Nunez, in his final year in the Assembly after being term-limited out, has indicated he will retain control over the $4 million shifted by the state Democratic Party to his campaign account, “Friends of Fabian Nunez,” in November of 2006. In the past, Nunez has spent tens of thousands of dollars from the account on overseas travel, wine, and luxury goods with no apparent connection to political or government business. And council members are fearful he may do so again.

But, Wilson says the union officials’ concerns are misdirected. “Why stop with crying your copious tears over just the trifling $4 million that you consider your money?” Wilson wrote in his letter to Balgenorth. “What about the billions of tax dollars he has flushed down the drain in all of the self-serving political schemes the two of you have cooked up over the past six years?”

Wilson cited as an example the controversial “golden handshake” Nunez recently pushed through the Assembly. Characterized by Assemblyman De La Torre, D-South Gate, as a going away present to employees by the lame-luck leader, the handshake would sweeten the retirement pay of 222 government employees, many of whom already qualify for pensions exceeding $100,000. The exact cost to the state treasury of the Nunez handshake is not known because the Assembly has refused to release any projections or analysis.

Wilson concluded his letter by questioning why Balgenorth and his fellow union officials are “so concerned with what Mr. Nunez does with his slush fund – when it’s not your money in the first place?”

“The truth is,” Wilson added, “if today’s union bosses spent more time working with union members on legitimate work-a-day issues – and less time hobnobbing with politicians in the plush confines of their ornate offices – you would be far less concerned about Mr. Nunez absconding with his party’s war chest and far more concerned about whether you were a good steward of your union members’ dues.”

Wilson promised Balgenorth that if the union president would “re-direct your crocodile tears to Mr. Nunez’s (and your) trashing of the good people of The Golden State … an additional boxcar of Kleenex will soon be on its way.”


Please Note: Click here for the Americans for Limited Government letter to California Labor Federation council member Bob Balgenorth.