Garerner & Hickenlooper’s positions on the AFFH

Sen Cory Garderner, has a clear History of opposing AFFH

Gardener voted consistently to block implementation of the 2014 Obama rule that would mandate local governments change zoning rules and permit high density, low-income housing in order to receive federal funds.



housing projectJohn Hickenlooper’s position on AFFH from his website indicates support for AFFH.–

Hickenlooper Housing Policy from his website

Address Housing Inequality: Affordable housing is a fundamental necessity. Yet decades of segregationist and racist housing policies have left communities of color more housing insecure than their white peers. Expansion of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and compliance with the 1968 Fair Housing Act are critical steps towards reducing this disparity. If elected senator, I will also push for the inclusion of affordable housing in any major infrastructure package we consider, and hold lenders accountable for predatory housing loans.

What is the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing  Rule?

The Obama administration Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation created an unfair presumption of discrimination based on zoning without any proof beyond Census maps. This was an absurd expansion of federal power and put the most important local government decisions in the hands of those with no stake in the outcome.”

The impact was to burden municipalities with regulation whose requirements were constantly shifting, since depending on changing economic circumstances, recessions or shifts in housing prices, the federal government could come back on an annual basis to demand further rezoning as a condition for receiving funds.