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Federal Housing official resists mortgage bailout, political gimmickry

Aug. 6, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement praising Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) head Edward DeMarco for refusing to implement a costly bailout for borrowers who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth:

“Edward DeMarco is to be credited for acting in the best interests of taxpayers by refusing to engage in political gimmickry that would lead to additional bailouts.

“In his role as the head of the Federal Housing Finance Administration, DeMarco has held the line against an Obama political publicity stunt to bail out underwater borrowers. A bailout would only make the current foreclosure crisis even worse by creating a perverse incentive for borrowers who are current on their payments to become delinquent in a misguided attempt to qualify.

DeMarco’s review of the policy found that if as few as 3,000 borrowers strategically defaulted on their mortgages in an attempt to become eligible for the program, it would offset any taxpayer benefit derived from bailing out those who would currently be eligible — even in the best case scenario. From both the taxpayer and borrowers’ perspectives, there could not be a worse possible outcome than to offer false hope of a bailout that results in even more people losing their homes, leaving taxpayers with the bill.”

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ALG applauds Maine challenge to Obamacare coercion

Aug. 3, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson applauds the state of Maine for challenging the Obama Administration on Medicaid funding:

“The state of Maine is taking the right step in boldly challenging the Obama Administration’s threat to cut off all federal Medicaid funding due to the state’s decision to lower their Medicaid liabilities. The Supreme Court got one thing right in the much-maligned Obamacare ruling by Chief Justice Roberts: the states cannot be coerced into accepting escalating Medicaid costs by the federal government.

“Maine Governor Paul LePage is smartly taking the state flexibility that seven Justices affirmed and applying it to other aspects of Obamacare’s Medicaid requirements.

“It is time for every state to join Maine in declaring their right to determine their own Medicaid eligibility requirements without coercion from Obama and his Washington, D.C., cronies.”

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Jobs report indicates economy continues to sputter

Aug. 3, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today responded to the Department of Labor’s unemployment report for July:

“The economic bad news of Obama’s failed economic plan keeps cascading down on the American people.  Today’s unemployment rate of 8.3 percent is shocking in that it is not higher.  With the nation’s economy staggering as it only grows by .125 percent each month, factory orders down in June for the second month in a row, and only 58.4 percent of the working-age population in the labor force, it is clear the American people are suffering.  Yet, Obama continues a campaign against the very job creators who our nation needs to ramp up hiring to lift our nation back to the heights we used to take for granted.

“It is incredible that after a ‘recovery’ that Obama says has worked, we still have an unemployment rate of 8.3 percent.  I’d hate to see what this president would consider a failure.”

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Congress must keep $62 billion of sequester savings

Aug.1, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement urging both houses of Congress not to repeal the $62 billion of budget cuts scheduled to take effect in 2013:

“A year ago, the $2.1 trillion increase in the debt ceiling was accepted — the largest in American history — because of the promise of offsetting spending cuts. A supercommittee was formed to find the cuts, but if it failed, $62 billion of cuts were at least guaranteed for the 2013 fiscal year. That was what Congress agreed to, but now members claim they did not even know what they were voting on. Others claim the impact of a 1.6 percent overall cut to the federal budget will be devastating.

“What is devastating is the draining impact that the $15.8 trillion national debt, which will grow to $25 trillion by 2022, is having on the economy. The deeper we go into debt, the more capital is diverted away from the private sector and into the useless paper trade of U.S. treasuries.

“The only way to get a handle on that is to get on the path to balancing the budget, and that must include significant cuts to the budget. The fact is, since 2007, when the deficit was only $160 billion, spending has increased by over $1 trillion, and lo and behold, now we’re running trillion dollar deficits every year. We need to cut at least a trillion, and Congress cannot even handle $62 billion of cuts for a single year?

“Any member who votes to break the sequester cuts without any offsetting cuts in return will be breaking faith with the American people, who have voted time and again for no more debt. Enough is enough. If the Republicans accept the Keynesian premise that spending must always grow for the economy to grow, they will have lost all credibility.”

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House freezes defense budget at $606 billion

July 31, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today praised the House of Representatives for voting in favor of an amendment offered by Representatives Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) and Barney Frank (D-MA) that freezes defense spending at 2012 levels of $606 billion:

“Members are to be thanked for standing up for fiscal responsibility while protecting our nation’s defense at a time when former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike McMullen has declared the $15.8 trillion national debt to be the No. 1 threat to our national security. Besides a failure to meet our fiscal obligations, our worsening budget picture will mean that the U.S. will be unable to meet its security obligations around the world, destabilizing whole regions.

“For that reason alone, defense spending — and every other part of the budget including entitlements — must be on the table when it comes to restoring order to our fiscal house. We cannot afford to operate a global empire—no great power ever has without it eventually leading to decline. We must reconsider our role in the world, and find ways to assist our allies — including through arms sales — that does not necessarily require our presence.

“Our national security should not be based on an irrational belief in a printing press to meet our obligations when we are under threat or in peacetime. As has been seen throughout the financial crisis since 2007, we cannot place our faith in the banks to protect the nation’s best interests. Congress has to act responsibly to ensure that our security posture — and the rest of the budget — are on a sustainable trajectory. Right now we’re nowhere near that.”

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White House postpones harmful economic regulations until after the election

July 31, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson and Free Market America Executive Director Ryan Houck today issued the following joint statement on the White House postponement of various federal regulations that will be detrimental to swing states, like Florida, until after the election.

The Washington Post lists some of these idling regulations “as cracking down on junk food at school bake sales, another banning children from dangerous work on farms and one setting federal standards for disposing toxic ash from coal-fired power plants.”

Another regulation would require water in Florida’s drainage canals to match the same EPA standards as its rivers and streams.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson:

“By delaying these regulations the Obama team is pointing out how harsh their election will be.  They think they are not poking the hornet’s nest before the election but in reality they are telling all voters in the affected states ‘re-elect Obama and this is the nasty, abusive rules that will be imposed on you.’

 “At the same time we see that these regulations are nothing more than loaded guns pointed at the heart of the U.S. economy. Obama is holding off on firing now because he knows the devastating effect they will have, and he doesn’t want to bear the political fallout.”

Free Market America Executive Director Ryan Houck:

“Postponing a bad idea does not qualify as a solution. The EPA’s nutrient rules for Florida would require that the water in roadside drainage canals match the same standards as pristine rivers and streams.  These nonsensical regulations will be as scientifically baseless and as economically devastating next year as they would be this year.

“The Administration should do the right thing and scrap their proposed federal regulations before they leave Florida with fewer farming jobs and higher utility bills.”

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House needs to cancel lame duck session, vote before August recess

July 26, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today again urged the House of Representatives to cancel its lame duck session of Congress after the November elections, and pass a continuing resolution past the lame duck session before the August recess:

“To avoid a very bad deal at year’s end the House needs to act now, before the August recess, to pass a stopgap funding measure that also extends the current tax rates, the debt ceiling, and postpones the sequester cuts all through March 2013. Using the continuing resolution as leverage is perhaps the only way to get all of that done before the election, and to avoid an undemocratic lame duck Congress from answering these questions afterward.

“The alternative is to trust Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and John Boehner to do the right thing after November, when the American people will no longer be able to hold their representatives accountable for how they vote. Nobody believes that these three will produce a good deal for taxpayers.

Senators Jim DeMint, Lindsay Graham, and Ron Johnson, along with House conservatives, are working together to persuade House Speaker John Boehner to act now and not to wait until after the August recess, which ends on Sept. 7. After that, Congress will only have three short weeks to act. It is better to act now before the recess, and then Republicans can take that time to make their case to the American people that it is they who should decide, through elections, how these questions will be answered in 2013.”

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House rejects Obama’s off-shore drilling ban

July 26, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson and Free Market America Executive Director Ryan Houck today issued the following joint statement praising the House of Representatives for rejecting H.R. 6168, an Obama Administration proposal to restrict off-shore oil drilling.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson:

“The Obama Administration has spent the past three and a half years attempting to choke the development of North American oil supplies, while bragging about increased supplies that were the direct result of policies implemented by the previous administration.

“The House of Representatives attempted to restore sanity to our domestic oil development by voting to roll back Obama’s attempt to destroy common sense offshore oil production.  Ironically, China is engaged in an aggressive drilling effort in conjunction with Cuba in the waters that Obama would deny U.S. access to.  Now, it is up to the Senate to get off the dime and start putting a secure American energy supply ahead of the radical environmental groups who would rather America fail than for us to create a vibrant domestic energy supply.”

Free Market America Executive Director Ryan Houck:

“For too long, energy policy in America has been heavily influenced by environmental extremism. While radical environmental interests continue to exert dangerous levels of control over the organs of environmental regulation, we nonetheless applaud the House of Representatives for taking a big step in the right direction by rejecting H.R. 6168 — which was nothing more than a thinly-veiled anti-energy plan to outsource American jobs.

“If implemented, HR 6168 — the Administration’s Offshore Plan — would have rendered 85 percent of America’s offshore energy resources inaccessible at a time of economic hardship and high gas prices.  Thanks to decisive action by the House, American consumers, taxpayers and workers all got a win today.”

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EPA should scrap unworkable coal regulations

July 23, 2012, Fairfax, VA—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Friday that it will “review” crushing new regulations on coal-fired power plants, which were originally set to be completed this year.  Under mounting pressure from communities that depend on coal production for good-paying jobs, the agency postponed completion of the new regulations until March 2013—after Election Day.

“These regulations should be revoked not reviewed,” said Ryan Houck, executive director of Free Market America.  “This rule will cost billions each year, drive away good-paying jobs and empty the pockets of consumers who will be stuck higher electric bills.  EPA’s top brass has even admitted on camera that these regulations would be ‘painful every step of the way’.  That’s true for the communities that count on coal production for jobs and for the consumers who count on coal to provide more than 40 percent of our nation’s electricity.”

Even EPA’s estimates indicate its rule will cost nearly $10 billion annually.  If the regulations take effect, new coal-fired plants will be required to deploy so-called carbon capture technology, which is not yet developed and has not been proven financially feasible.  Moreover, the standards set by EPA are impossible to achieve with existing technology.

Americans for Limited Government president Bill Wilson questioned the timing of the review, “Everyone knows that these regulations will bring about an economic disaster while yielding little environmental benefit.  With coal-producing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia likely to decide the presidential election, this delay smells like an attempt by the president to defer an economic and political disaster until after Election Day.

“While the agency’s decision to review these catastrophic regulations is a step in the right direction, simply delaying the economic execution of an essential industry until after the election is not enough—these regulations should be rolled back in their entirety.”

Free Market America is a free market watchdog group that focuses on environmental issues.  In partnership with Americans for Limited Government, the group was launched earlier this year and is responsible for the viral video “If I wanted America to fail” a runaway hit that scored more than 2.4 million views on YouTube.


ALG praises 127 House Republicans for supporting defunding Obamacare, urges other members to join in effort

July 19, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today in a statement praised 127 House Republicans for signing a Republican Study Committee letter urging immediate action by House Speaker John Boehner to not only repeal Obamacare, but to defund every aspect of it:

“On July 11, 239 House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare. Inexplicably, however, only 127 members have committed to completely defunding it. We thank every member who has signed the letter urging Speaker Boehner to support every effort to defund Obamacare. But we are left to simply wonder why other members appear reluctant to actually do something to stop the implementation of the law by cutting off its funding.

“There should not be a single piece of legislation that passes which funds any part of Obamacare, and the House must demand that this liberty-robbing law not be implemented.”

House Republican members who signed letter:

Name District
Brooks, Mo AL-05
Griffin, Tim AR-02
Gosar, Paul AZ-01
Franks, Trent AZ-02
Quayle, Ben AZ-03
Schweikert, David AZ-05
Flake, Jeff AZ-06
Herger, Wally CA-02
McClintock, Tom CA-04
Denham, Jeff CA-19
Hunter, Duncan D. CA-52
Tipton, Scott CO-03
Gardner, Cory CO-04
Lamborn, Doug CO-05
Miller, Jeff FL-01
Southerland, Steve FL-02
Nugent, Rich FL-05
Stearns, Cliff FL-06
Mica, John FL-07
Bilirakis, Gus FL-09
Young, C.W. “Bill” FL-10
Ross, Dennis FL-12
Mack, Connie FL-14
West, Allen FL-22
Adams, Sandy FL-24
Westmoreland, Lynn GA-03
Price, Tom GA-06
Scott, Austin GA-08
Graves, Tom GA-09
Broun, Paul GA-10
Gingrey, Phil GA-11
King, Steve IA-05
Labrador, Raul ID-01
Walsh, Joe IL-08
Manzullo, Donald IL-16
Schilling, Bobby IL-17
Schock, Aaron IL-18
Shimkus, John IL-19
Stutzman, Marlin IN-03
Rokita, Todd IN-04
Burton, Dan IN-05
Pence, Mike IN-06
Bucshon, Larry IN-08
Young, Todd IN-09
Huelskamp, Tim KS-01
Jenkins, Lynn KS-02
Yoder, Kevin KS-03
Pompeo, Mike KS-04
Guthrie, Brett KY-02
Scalise, Steve LA-01
Landry, Jeff LA-03
Fleming, John LA-04
Boustany, Charles LA-07
Harris, Andy MD-01
Bartlett, Roscoe MD-06
Benishek, Dan MI-01
Huizenga, Bill MI-02
Amash, Justin MI-03
Walberg, Tim MI-07
Bachmann, Michele MN-06
Akin, Todd MO-02
Hartzler, Vicky MO-04
Graves, Sam MO-06
Long, Billy MO-07
Luetkemeyer, Blaine MO-09
Palazzo, Steven MS-04
Jones, Walter NC-03
Coble, Howard NC-06
Myrick, Sue NC-09
Berg, Rick ND-00
Terry, Lee NE-02
Smith, Adrian NE-03
Guinta, Frank NH-01
Garrett, Scott NJ-05
Pearce, Steve NM-02
Amodei, Mark NV-02
Heck, Joe NV-03
Buerkle, Ann Marie NY-25
Chabot, Steve OH-01
Schmidt, Jean OH-02
Jordan, Jim OH-04
Latta, Bob OH-05
Johnson, Bill OH-06
Austria, Steve OH-07
Renacci, Jim OH-16
Sullivan, John OK-01
Lankford, James OK-05
Kelly, Mike PA-03
Marino, Tom PA-10
Barletta, Louis PA-11
Pitts, Joe PA-16
Murphy, Tim PA-18
Scott, Tim SC-01
Wilson, Joe SC-02
Duncan, Jeff SC-03
Gowdy, Trey SC-04
Mulvaney, Mick SC-05
Noem, Kristi SD-00
Roe, Phil TN-01
Duncan, John TN-02
Fleischmann, Chuck TN-03
Black, Diane TN-06
Blackburn, Marsha TN-07
Fincher, Stephen Lee TN-08
Gohmert, Louie TX-01
Poe, Ted TX-02
Johnson, Sam TX-03
Hall, Ralph TX-04
Barton, Joe TX-06
Culberson, John TX-07
McCaul, Michael TX-10
Conaway, Michael TX-11
Paul, Ron TX-14
Flores, Bill TX-17
Neugebauer, Randy TX-19
Smith, Lamar TX-21
Olson, Pete TX-22
Canseco, Quico TX-23
Marchant, Kenny TX-24
Burgess, Michael TX-26
Farenthold, Blake TX-27
Bishop, Rob UT-01
Chaffetz, Jason UT-03
Sensenbrenner, F. James WI-05
Duffy, Sean WI-07
Ribble, Reid WI-08
McKinley, David WV-01


House Republican members who didn’t sign letter:

Name District
Young, Donald AK-00
Bonner, Jo AL-01
Roby, Martha AL-02
Rogers, Mike AL-03
Aderholt, Robert AL-04
Bachus, Spencer AL-06
Crawford, Rick AR-01
Womack, Steve AR-03
Lungren, Dan CA-03
Nunes, Devin CA-21
McCarthy, Kevin CA-22
Gallegly, Elton CA-24
McKeon, Buck CA-25
Dreier, David CA-26
Royce, Ed CA-40
Lewis, Jerry CA-41
Miller, Gary CA-42
Calvert, Ken CA-44
Bono Mack, Mary CA-45
Rohrabacher, Dana CA-46
Campbell, John CA-48
Issa, Darrell CA-49
Bilbray, Brian CA-50
Coffman, Mike CO-06
Crenshaw, Ander FL-04
Webster, Daniel FL-08
Buchanan, Vern FL-13
Posey, Bill FL-15
Rooney, Tom FL-16
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana FL-18
Diaz-Balart, Mario FL-21
Rivera, David FL-25
Kingston, Jack GA-01
Woodall, Rob GA-07
Latham, Tom IA-04
Simpson, Mike ID-02
Roskam, Peter IL-06
Dold, Robert IL-10
Kinzinger, Adam IL-11
Biggert, Judy IL-13
Hultgren, Randy IL-14
Johnson, Timothy IL-15
Whitfield, Ed KY-01
Davis, Geoff KY-04
Rogers, Hal KY-05
Alexander, Rodney LA-05
Cassidy, Bill LA-06
Camp, Dave MI-04
Upton, Fred MI-06
Rogers, Mike MI-08
Miller, Candice MI-10
Kline, John MN-02
Paulsen, Erik MN-03
Cravaack, Chip MN-08
Emerson, Jo Ann MO-08
Nunnelee, Alan MS-01
Harper, Gregg MS-03
Rehberg, Denny MT-00
Ellmers, Renee NC-02
Foxx, Virginia NC-05
McHenry, Patrick NC-10
Fortenberry, Jeff NE-01
Bass, Charlie NH-02
LoBiondo, Frank NJ-02
Runyan, Jon NJ-03
Smith, Christopher NJ-04
Lance, Leonard NJ-07
Frelinghuysen, Rodney NJ-11
King, Peter NY-03
Turner, Bob NY-09
Grimm, Michael NY-13
Hayworth, Nan NY-19
Gibson, Chris NY-20
Hanna, Richard NY-24
Reed, Tom NY-29
Turner, Michael OH-03
Tiberi, Pat OH-12
LaTourette, Steven OH-14
Stivers, Steve OH-15
Gibbs, Bob OH-18
Lucas, Frank OK-03
Cole, Tom OK-04
Walden, Greg OR-02
Thompson, Glenn PA-05
Gerlach, Jim PA-06
Meehan, Patrick PA-07
Fitzpatrick, Mike PA-08
Shuster, Bill PA-09
Dent, Charlie PA-15
Platts, Todd PA-19
DesJarlais, Scott TN-04
Hensarling, Jeb TX-05
Brady, Kevin TX-08
Granger, Kay TX-12
Thornberry, Mac TX-13
Carter, John TX-31
Sessions, Pete TX-32
Wittman, Rob VA-01
Rigell, Scott VA-02
Forbes, J. Randy VA-04
Hurt, Robert VA-05
Goodlatte, Bob VA-06
Cantor, Eric VA-07
Griffith, Morgan VA-09
Wolf, Frank VA-10
Herrera Beutler, Jaime WA-03
Hastings, Doc WA-04
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy WA-05
Reichert, Dave WA-08
Ryan, Paul WI-01
Petri, Thomas WI-06
Moore Capito, Shelley WV-02
Lummis, Cynthia WY-00

Interview Availability: Please contact Rebekah Rast at (703) 383-0880 or at to arrange an interview with ALG President Bill Wilson.